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As a premier skin rejuvenation clinic, we value the health of our patient’s skin above all else. Sunlight, among all environmental factors, poses the greatest risk to both the physical integrity and cosmetic appearance of our skin. While wearing sunscreen is important, understanding the impact sun damage can have on our skin cells is doubly important. Beyond wrinkles and fine lines–also known as photoaging–the sun can wreak havoc on our DNA strands.  Our last article was dedicated to exploring the side effects of long-term sun exposure. Of course, a certain amount of sunlight is necessary for the regulation of our circadian rhythm, the production of vitamin D, as well as for our mental health. However, when our cells are exposed to too much UVA and UVB, they can become damaged. Damaged cells (i.e. cells with split DNA strands or ruptured wall) can act in erratic ways, multiplying and developing into lesions and tumors. We discussed the most common forms of skin cancer and how to spot these types. Finally, we provided several useful tips for how you can protect your skin from sun damage. It’s important to protect your skin from sun damage even during the winter. Therefore, we suggest giving our last article a quick read! 

Today we’re discussing two treatments commonly used for cellulite known as Venus Legacy and Venus Bliss. Most people are under the impression cellulite is irreversible. In other words–they believe there’s nothing to be done but to make their peace with having cellulite for the rest of their lives. For some, this acceptance can be debilitating, as they do not feel comfortable showing their skin when they go to the beach or wear shorts. We’re here to tell you there are specific treatments for the purpose of reducing and eliminating the appearance of cellulite. We’ll explain exactly how Venus Legacy and Venus Bliss devices work to make cellulite disappear. Are these treatments safe? How long after my first session will I see results? What are the side effects? Don’t worry! We’ll cover all of these questions (and much more). If you’re interested in using Venus Legacy or Venus Bliss to reduce your cellulite, then this article is for you!

What is cellulite?

To understand how Venus Legacy and Venus Bliss devices reduce the appearance of cellulite, it’s vital to first understand what cellulite is. Every single person on the planet is susceptible to developing cellulite. Now, women are more predisposed to developing cellulite than men and this may be due in part to the extra layer of fat we carry. However, cellulite is harmless. The condition is characterized by “bumpy” or “dimpled” skin. Fibrous cords connect our skin to the underlying muscles. When fat builds up beneath the skin, the fat cells push upwards against the skin and the cords are stretched. This causes the surface of the skin to appear uneven. Though this is what is occurring beneath the skin, it’s still unclear exactly why cellulite occurs. 

Incredibly fit, lean men and women can still have cellulite. The most common places for cellulite to occur include the hips, buttock, breasts, stomach, and upper arms. Older individuals, like women, are predisposed to developing cellulite as well. This is because as we age our skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity. This loss of elasticity can make cellulite more apparent. For some individuals, their cellulite is only visible when they pinch their skin or are situated in a specific position. Certain people might be genetically predisposed to developing cellulite. Likewise, a sedentary lifestyle or a recent pregnancy are also risk factors. 

What are Venus Legacy and Venus Bliss devices?

Both Venus Legacy and Venus Bliss are non-invasive lipolysis (or fat reducing) machines. What’s the difference between the two? Well, Venus Bliss is only approved for use as a non-invasive lipolysis device, which means it’s capable of breaking down fat and improving the appearance of cellulite. Venus Legacy, on the other hand, is also approved for improving body aesthetics, such as wrinkle reduction. Additionally, both devices are capable of tightening the skin after fat reduction, ensuring your results are smooth and firm, no matter the treatment area. How do both devices work? 

The Venus Legacy comes with four applicators: “OctiPolar™ and 4D Body for larger areas, and DiamondPolar™ and 4D Face for smaller areas.” These applicators use a combination of multi-polar radio frequencies (RF) and pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) to target specific skin concerns. While the OctiPolar and DiamondPolar applicators tighten the skin (which makes them suitable for treating wrinkles), the 4D Body applicator applies VariPulse™ technology. “Varipulse TM technology provides adjustable pulsed suction that facilitates effective lipolysis, more efficient penetration of energy and helps treat subcutaneous fat deposits and cellulite.’

When multi-polar radio frequencies are absorbed by the skin, they heat the underlying tissue. This heat damages the walls of fat cells, triggering the lipolysis (i.e. fat death) process. The pulsed electromagnetic fields serve to increase the efficacy of the RF. Both frequencies combined trigger the production of fibroblasts–the cells which secrete collagen and which contribute to the plumpness of our skin. The Venus Bliss does use RF and electromagnetic field pulsation. But, in addition to the VariPulse™ technology, the Venus Bliss also uses lasers to induce the lipolysis process. Venus Bliss uses different applicators to deliver 1064 nm (nanometer) diode lasers. These lasers penetrate the skin and are absorbed by the hypodermis, thus triggering lipolysis in the adipose tissue. 

Are Venus Legacy and Venus Bliss safe?

Both devices feature integrated cooling systems for patient comfort. Once the fat has begun it’s breakdown process, it’ll take about three months for the cells to die and be flushed from the body. The Venus Legacy device was approved for the “temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite” by the FDA in January 2017. The Venus Bliss was approved by the FDA in 2020. According to a clinical study performed in 2017, about 60% of those who received treatment with the Venus Legacy for their cellulite were satisfied with their results. 

How long until I see results? 

You’ll need several treatment sessions over six to ten weeks to see significant results. Each session lasts around thirty minutes and requires no downtime afterward. You’re free to return to work, exercise, bathe, or otherwise continue your regular routine. Each patient will require a different treatment regimen, so you should consult with your medical professional to know exactly how many treatments you’ll need. For mild cases of cellulite on isolated areas of the body, less treatment sessions will be necessary. For severe cases of cellulite on large swaths of the body, more treatment sessions may be necessary. With each successive treatment session, your results will become more apparent. Once you achieve the results you’re looking for, you’ll need to have a treatment session two or three times a year to maintain those results. 

Are there any side effects?

Since the treatment is triggering your body’s healing response, you may experience slight swelling in the three to five days following your treatment session. You might also notice redness around the treatment area in the areas following your session. The chances of bruising are minimal but to reduce these chances you should discontinue any blood-thinning medications a week before your session and apply ice to the treatment area before and after your session. Venus treatments are not safe for: those with cancer (or a history of cancer), those with diseases around the treatment area which are stimulated by heat (such as herpes), those with internal defibrillators or pacemakers, those who are pregnant, those with uncontrolled thyroid gland disorders, those with varicose veins, those undergoing IVF, those with skin-related autoimmune diseases, those with silicone implants (or injections) at the treatment site, those with metal implants at the treatment site, and those with active inflammation at the treatment site. 

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